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Asphalt-based asbestos floor tiles and later, plastic or vinyl-based asbestos flooring were popular in the U.S. in the 1940s-1970s and were produced by some manufacturers (Armstrong) as late as 1980.

Some asbestos-containing flooring products were manufactured by companies (we estimate) as early as the late 1920s. from>

The Waxing Process - 

The janitorial company applied the wax, and when it became worn or yellow, waxing crews used ammonia to remove the wax. It was a messy process them as in most cases, applied with mops and buckets. The ammonia was agitated with the mop then rinsed with clean mops and water. There was splashing on the baseboards, and a little on the walls, the new coats of wax wee then mopped on with a cotton mop.

 The stripping and waxing like this continued through the '70s and early '80s. The addition of floor machines used to agitate the wax. The wax is mopped up or picked up with water vacuums designed for picking up the slurry.

Same Old Same Old

Unfortunately, many floor cleaning companies still use the same basic concept, except for floor machines or automatic floor scrubbers for wax pickup.

The Process

The new floor is stripped clean, scrubbed, and several coats of wax are applied. The floor then wears or gets yellow; it is then washed, with detergent several more coats of polish used, repeated three or four times. Sometimes far to many times. The owner of the floor realizes the floor is not getting the new look. He either replaces the floor or a contractor suggests a strip and wax and explains that the tile area wasn't appropriately maintained by the contractors in the past correctly. 

Stripping and waxing

The floor company strips and all the wax removed down to the bare floor. The floor is sealed and waxed to its original new look. 

This process is repeated, and the walls and baseboards start getting a build up of wax, or dirt cemented in wax. 

Cleaning San Antonio Floor Waxing Service 

We put an end to this aging process once the floors are in the condition we think is appropriate. We no longer use water and chemicals to strip the floor. We may need to use them to remove the years of abuse. Once we get there, two or three coats are applied. Then, the process we use removes the layers of wax from the floor using very little water or no water at all. 

Paint - Baseboards - 

The paint and baseboards: saved with no more splashing and water damage from wax and dirt. 

see my next blog on floor waxing chemical-free

see my next blog on floor waxing chemical free

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see my next blog on floor waxing chemical free


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